The Whole Kit & Caboodle

The Whole Kit & Caboodle

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For the tuning enthusiast who wants it all, we offer the Whole Kit and Caboodle! This impressive bundle includes virtually every tool currently offered in our store, all in one grand collection. Read on to learn about each item in this abundant, 17 piece toolkit!

This extraordinary bundle includes one of each of the following:

The Sonic Slider: 93.96 Hz Weighted Fork

The Sonic Slider is a custom-made weighted tuning fork, designed by Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick. This amazing tool harnesses the power of therapeutic sound to help you look and feel younger and healthier.  

174 Hz Unweighted Fork

The 174 Hz tuning fork is the primary tool used in Biofield Tuning. It is an ideal frequency for the technique of “field combing” because of its ability to provide useful feedback with the wide range of overtones it emits. To use sandpaper as a metaphor, think of the 174 Hz fork as medium-grit sandpaper, suitable for most uses. Often called the workhorse of the kit, this fork is indispensable. The 174 Hz offers a dependable, pleasant working tone. 

The Schumann Pair: 54.81Hz Weighted Fork and 62.64 Hz Weighted Fork

Individually these forks comprise the 7th and 8th harmonic of this important frequency. Used together they create a binaural beat of 7.83 Hz that can be applied to the body via the handles or listened to in either ear. The Schumann pair resonate with the electromagnetic pulse of the earth. These forks support alignment of our own electrical resonance with this grounding pulse. The Schumann forks balance the electric/plasmic aspect of our being.

The Fibonacci Pair: 144 Hz Weighted Fork and 89 Hz Weighted Fork

The human body and energy field are made up of electrical waves informed by geometric patterns. The frequencies of the Fibonacci Pair of weighted tuning forks are 89 Hz and 144 Hz, the 11th and 12th positions in the Fibonacci sequence. These forks use the natural harmonics of the unfolding patterns of nature and induce the body with this geometric information of perfect proportionality. 

These forks can be used to help restore the body’s natural order and harmonic perfection. Users describe these tuning forks as "bright and uplifting," with a sense of orderliness and beauty. They come with extra-long handles for easy use. 

528 Hz Unweighted Fork

The unweighted 528 Hz tuning fork is often referred to as a powerful sonic feather duster. 

Enjoy the sparkling tone of our 528 Hz as you use it to sweep any and all of your spaces, your home, office, car, any place that needs corner-to-corner energy refreshing and brightening. Your plants will love it, too! 

417 Hz Unweighted Fork

The 417 Hz tuning fork is one step above the 528 Hz in the Solfeggio set. The 417 Hz fork can be used in place of or along with the 528 fork. When in tension, the 528 Hz fork can sometimes emit a screechy sound. The 417 Hz doesn't have this quality and can be a little easier on the ears. However, it doesn't have the crystalline brilliance of the 528 Hz. With this kit, you’ll have both at your fingertips!

The Handle Extender

Our Handle Extender is designed to enhance the experience of using weighted tuning forks directly on the body. By providing a much larger surface area, this handle extender allows you to hold and slide your tuning fork with ease,(2 screws and Allen wrench included) making it a great addition for massage and bodywork practitioners and folks with large or arthritic hands. 

The Contour Boot

The Contour Boot is an unbeatable way to elevate your use of any weighted tuning fork. With a smooth, polished design, this stainless-steel accessory (measuring 1"x1"x1") attaches easily to almost any weighted tuning fork, fastening securely with a small inset screw to the base of the handle. (2 screws and allen wrench included). 

The Circuit Boot

The Circuit Boot adds a new dimension of ease and effectiveness in the application of sonic stimulation to the body. This one-of-a-kind patent-pending tuning fork accessory attaches easily to almost any weighted tuning fork, fastening securely with a small inset screw to the base of the handle. (2 screws and Allen wrench included) 

Mini Biofield Anatomy Map

This handy 6" x 10" laminated map of the front and back of the Biofield Anatomy is a convenient tool you can use to easily reference mapped aspects of the biofield. The size and sturdiness of this handy two-sided map make it easy to pack and useful almost anywhere you happen to be.

Hockey Puck Activator

You will get the very best working tone from your tuning forks with the best activation. A high-quality, Canadian Hockey Puck is the best way to activate an unweighted tuning fork for use in sound therapy. All hockey pucks are not created equal! We have tried many brands and found that Canadians make the best hockey pucks (no surprise here).

Striker Block Activator

Our green Striker Block makes activating weighted tuning forks easier than ever. Simply place the durable rubber block on any solid surface or hold in one hand and strike one of the tines, roughly halfway down, on the top of the block to fully activate the fork. If activated properly, this will produce a strong vibration. 


These simple acrylic balls are the recommended pendulums for use in Biofield Tuning. They are the most responsive pendulums we’ve ever used, and unlike crystal pendulums, they do not accumulate energy and require clearing. 

Book | Tuning the Human Biofield- Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy by Eileen McKusick

To accompany your elegant, superior quality tools, you will get the latest edition of the first book by written by the creator of the tools, Eileen McKusick!  

This book details how tuning forks can identify and clear pain & trauma stored in the biofield and how traditional principles and locations of the chakras correspond directly with the biofield discoveries. 

Offering a revolutionary perspective on mind, energy, memory, and trauma, McKusick’s discoveries provide new avenues of healing for energy workers, massage therapists, sound healers, and those looking to overcome chronic illness and release the traumas of their past. 

Book | Electric Body, Electric Health by Eileen McKusick

While exploring your exciting new tools, you will want to read or re-read Eileen’s groundbreaking and inspiring second book, Electric Body, Electric Health. (If you already have your own well ready copy, you will have this one to give as a gift!) Get charged up with knowledge and put your tools to use right as you learn from Eileen! 

This powerful book makes use of simple, easy-to-implement practices to help readers improve their health and enhance their daily lives.  


This fantastic 17 piece kit includes everything on your biofield wishlist! If you already have one or two of the tools in this kit, you can always use your new ones as gifts or convenient extras. If you're looking for one stop shopping in a bundle that that includes everything you need to take your tuning to a new level, the Whole Kit and Caboodle is for you!

Tools included in this package: 

Weighted Forks

Unweighted Forks

Additional Tools

Includes free pendulum! 

Your purchase includes a PDF instructional booklet with links to videos demonstrating how to use the Sonic Slider on your face and body. This PDF is immediately available in your digital library for download upon purchase. For more information, click here to read about this useful and versatile tool, see before and after photos, and watch a video to learn how you can use the Sonic Slider on others. You will also receive video links instructing you on how to attach your accessories.

Not included but recommended! Instructional Videos by Eileen on all the basics of Biofield Tuning

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