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The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork

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The Sonic Slider is a custom made weighted fork created by Biofield Tuning founder Eileen McKusick. Its frequency of 93.96 Hz is the 12th harmonic of the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance, or background electromagnetic pulse present in the earth's atmosphere.

Users report a wide range of benefits including a reduction of pain and tension, improved digestion, weight loss, improved muscle tone, a healthier and more radiant complexion, an increase in energy and overall well being, and more.

With an extra long handle and a pleasing frequency, the Sonic Slider is designed to have the handle slide along the face, neck and body.

Your purchase includes a PDF instructional booklet with links to demonstration videos. This PDF is immediately available in your digital library for download upon purchase.

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Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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