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222 Hz Tuning Fork

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The 222 Hz tuning fork is our newest addition to the family of specially curated and crafted tuning forks. Made in the USA from the highest quality materials and designed to be used by sound healing professionals, the 222Hz Unweighted tuning fork has an extra long handle and an extended ring time.

Unlike our other forks, the 222 Hz isn't meant for "combing" and "working" - rather, this is a fork of "being". Sweet, soothing, calming, and nurturing, the pleasant ring of this fork helps bring us to a place of serenity, invoking inner calm, quiet, and a feeling that all is well with the world.

In a time when chaos abounds around us, this tool helps us to find "the jewel in the heart of the lotus" within us, gently, easily, and without much ado.

Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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