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Biofield Tuning forks are manufactured in America with a premium aluminum alloy and a proprietary finishing process that minimizes absorption into the skin, maximizes sustained vibration, and extends fork life.

After having many forks fail during tuning sessions, Eileen worked for years to develop a premium alloy that would better withstand the stress that Biofield Tuning places on forks. This alloy proved to be the most resilient while maintaining our high standards for clear, sustained working tones.

This alloy produces audible overtones in our unweighted forks and sustained vibrations/frequencies in our weighted forks, which are critical elements in producing optimal results in Biofield Tuning.


Our metal accessories contain nickel. The Circuit and Contour Boots are made of stainless steel, which contains a very small amount of nickel to achieve its corrosion resistant properties (similar to the amount found in a stainless steel spoon or fork). Our Handle Extender is aluminum and is plated in nickel to create a corrosion resistant barrier between the metal and its environment.

If you have a slight allergy to nickel, you may wish to try this product: Nickel Guard - No Nickel - Protective Coating Solution for Nickel Objects (or another similar product).

For those with a higher sensitivity to nickel, we suggest avoiding the Handle Extender, and instead recommend the stainless-steel Contour Boot or the Circuit Boot.