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The Peacemakers 144 Hz/222Hz

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This useful sound healing duo works together to relax and soothe you. The 144 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork and the 222 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork compliment one another’s strengths. Used together, this pleasing pair invokes a healthy balance between doing and being.

Kit Includes:

1 - 144 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork, which has an extraordinary range of overtones and undertones, making its interactions with distortions in the biofield extremely obvious. This fork want to locate the wrinkles and work to smooth them along. It is especially useful in very stuck or stubborn areas, helping the body to relax deep subconscious tension.

1 - 222 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork, which is sweet, soothing, calming, and nurturing. The pleasant ring of this fork helps bring us to a place of serenity, invoking inner calm, quiet, and a feeling that all is well with the world. This fork just wants to hang out and be with you, listen to how you are doing, and give you a nice hug.


Like great friends and partners, 144 Hz and 222 Hz work well together without a fuss, and they bring out the best in one another!


Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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