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Fibonacci Pair

  • $120.00

Our bodies are electrical waves informed by geometry. With the 62.64 Hz and 54.81 Hz weighted forks, we induce the Schumann Resonance into the body's electrical system through binaural beats. (The Schumann Resonance is the natural background pulse of the earth's electrical signal.)  

The Fibonacci Pair of weighted forks, on the other hand, are the 11th and 12th positions in the Fibonacci sequence, 89 Hz and 144 Hz. These forks use the natural harmonics and patterns found in the unfolding of nature and induce the body with this geometric information, in perfect proportion. This perfect proportion, otherwise known as “the golden ratio” or “Phi” is roughly 1.618 and can be determined by dividing any number in the sequence by the number before it.

Researchers claim that the golden ratio keeps everything in order and is a universal and cosmic constant found in the shape of seed heads, flower petals, pine cones, hurricanes, shells, spiral galaxies, faces, DNA molecules and many more.

Users describe these tuning forks as "bright and uplifting", and putting a "order into place". They come with extra long handles for easy use.

Each fork is also sold separately. Click here to read a blog post about the Fibonacci Pair.

These forks are not included in either of our toolkits and are not required for Biofield Tuning students.