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Schumann Pair | Weighted Tuning Forks | 54.81 Hz & 62.64 Hz

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The Schumann Pair Tuning Forks are comprised of the 54.81 hz tuning fork and the 62.64 hz tuning fork. The frequency of these weighted forks comprise the 7th and 8th harmonics of the Schumann Resonance.

Used together, they produce a binaural beat of 7.83 Hz, which is the average background pulse of the earth's atmosphere. These forks support alignment of our own electrical resonance with this grounding pulse and balance the electric/plasmic aspect of our being.

They can be applied to the body via the handles or listened to in either ear. 7.83 Hz is also the frequency of our brainwaves when we are in a relaxed and gently alert state of mind and simply listening to this pair for a few minutes can help one to settle down and relax.

These weighted forks can be paired with any of our accessories for an enhanced tuning experience, and can also be utilized for field combing.

We recommend the use of our high-quality Canadian hockey pucks as an activator for all of our tuning forks, and the Striker Block specifically for weighted forks.

Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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