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Biofield Tuning Toolkit

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Our Biofield Tuning Toolkit offers all of the essential tools for the at-home tuner as well as those who will be participating in our Certification Program.

The Biofield Tuning Toolkit includes one of each of the following items:

• Tuning the Human Biofield book, 2nd Edition (not included in the Lite Kit)
• 174 Hz unweighted tuning fork
• 528 Hz unweighted tuning fork
• 417 Hz unweighted tuning fork (not included in the Lite Kit)
• 54.81 Hz weighted tuning fork
• 62.64 Hz weighted tuning fork
• Small Biofield Anatomy Map 6" x 10"
• Hockey Puck Activator
• Neutral Acrylic Pendulum

On a budget? Check out the Lite Biofield Tuning Kit or The Starter Kit (does not qualify for our Certification Program).

Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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