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Biofield Tuning Toolkit

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Our Biofield Tuning Toolkit offers all of the essential tools for the at-home tuner as well as those who will be participating in our Certification Program.

The Biofield Tuning Toolkit includes one of each of the following items:

• Tuning the Human Biofield book, 2nd Edition *
• 174 Hz unweighted tuning fork
• 528 Hz unweighted tuning fork
• 417 Hz unweighted tuning fork
• 54.81 Hz weighted tuning fork
• 62.64 Hz weighted tuning fork
• Small Biofield Anatomy Map 6" x 10"
• Hockey Puck Activator
• Neutral Acrylic Pendulum

* You may choose between "Tuning the Human Biofield" book in English, Spanish and "Electric Body Electric Health" book in English. Please note, "Electric Body Electric Health" does not meet the required reading for attending our Level 1 Foundations training.  

On a budget? Check out the Lite Biofield Tuning Kit or The Starter Kit (does not qualify for our Certification Program).

Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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