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144 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

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(please note this is a different fork than our 144 Hz weighted fork, which is part of our Fibonacci pair.)

This unique sound healing tool, created by Eileen, has an extra long handle, long tines and an extra interesting character. It produces an extraordinary range of overtones and undertones, making its interactions with distortions in the field extremely obvious.

 It has a way of cutting through the gunk and getting deep into those places where maybe we haven't wanted to go, in a way that none of our other forks do. It works very well when followed by the 528 Hz fork. 

Please begin your journey with it slowly and softly and do not launch into a full day of tuning with it. For some people it can take a little getting used to, but soon you may find it is your favorite fork!

Also please note that due to the length of this fork, the tines can be slightly angled in towards each other - this does not affect the sound or performance of the fork.

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