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Tune Yourself Into Health

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Become proficient using high quality sound therapy tools to support your own health and well-being! In this special 5 part video series with Eileen you will be empowered and energized to tune yourself into health!

Note - this class is not part of our Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certification program. It does not train you or certify you to work on other people. This is a program solely to teach you to work on you.

Video 1 | Philosophy and Tools
The tools we use and how and why we use them

Video 2 | Intro to the Biofield Anatomy and Using a Weighted Fork
Understand the anatomy of your electrical system and best ways to use weighted forks

Video 3 | Doing an Adjustment on your own Hologram* with Unweighted Forks
Do a Biofield Tuning session on yourself

Video 4 | Going Deeper - Understanding Deep Sensing
Understand what you hear, feel and sense with the forks

Video 5 | Other Ways to Use Tuning Forks
Space clearing, tuning plants, pets, and other people.

Course also Includes:
A bonus session with Eileen and supporting documentation!

Please Note: The Starter Kit mentioned in this product has been updated. The kit no longer includes the 174 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork.

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