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Tuning Fork Handle Extender

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Our Handle Extender is designed to enhance the experience of using weighted tuning forks directly on the body. By providing a much larger surface area, this handle extender allows you to hold and slide your tuning fork with ease. (2 screws and Allen wrench included)   

This 5 3/4" x 1" aluminum sleeve plated with a special nickel alloy fits snuggly on the end of the Sonic Slider (and MANY, but not all, other brands of weighted forks). It is also excellent when attached to the ends of the 54.81hz and 62.64hz forks.

By providing a larger surface area, the handle extender allows you to hold and slide any weighted tuning fork along the body to relax the muscles and fascia -- making it a great addition for massage and bodywork practitioners. In addition, these are incredibly useful for folks with large or arthritic hands to make holding tuning forks easier. 

After attaching to your Sonic Slider or any of our other weighted forks, run the handle under hot water to experience therapeutic warmth married with coherent vibrations - it is delicious! 

Weighted tuning fork is not included. Click here to buy with the Sonic Slider at a discounted price.

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