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The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork + Handle Extender

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Created by Biofield Tuning Founder, Eileen McKusick, the custom-made 93.96 Hz Sonic Slider is a weighted tuning fork designed to be used directly on the face and body.

The Sonic Slider is remarkable for its ability to produce noticeable changes quickly. Users report a wide range of benefits including improved muscle tone, support for weight loss, healthier and more radiant complexion, reduction in pain and tension, improved digestion, increased energy and refinement in their overall well-being.

Designed for use on Biofield Tuning weighted tuning forks, our Handle Extender brings greater ease and more impact to the experience of using the Sonic Slider.

With its larger surface area, the Handle Extender allows you to more easily hold and slide your Sonic Slider along the face and body to relax the muscles and fascia. For an even more luxuirious slide, the smooth Handle Extender can be heated under warm running water or by wrapping it in a hot washcloth. Feel your muscles melt! This is a great set for massage and bodywork practioners.

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