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Sonic Slider 21 day Video Series

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Upon purchasing this product you will receive a PDF, in a second email, which contains the connect information to register for the 21 day series. 

Creating a new habit takes about 21 days to establish. The 21 day video series was specifically designed by Eileen Day McKusick, the Founder of Biofield Tuning, to help cultivate the healthy habit of using the Sonic Slider in just 7 minutes every day. During each 7 minute video Eileen takes you through her daily Sonic Slider routine while sharing insightful health hacks she has learned over her 32 years of researching health and human potential.

Without exception, everyone in the pilot group of this series reported feeling better and looking better. Many reported feeling more energized, that they’d started sleeping better and overall felt more even-keeled after using the Sonic Slider on a daily basis. A large portion of our test groups experienced weight loss and even had friends ask if they’d “had work done” on their faces! Most importantly, the vast majority found themselves able to bring awareness to their bodies, developing an easy-to-use self care routine that required a small investment of time but delivered a huge return.  

Each video conveniently arrives in your inbox daily. Completing your routine in the morning allows you the rest of the day to reflect on each day’s lesson. While people have reported experiencing the best results by doing the routine 2x a day, you will also see results with use just once a day. The most important thing is consistency!