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The Sonic Slider™ Tuning Fork + Circuit Boot

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Created by Biofield Tuning Founder, Eileen McKusick, the custom-made 93.96 Hz Sonic Slider™ is a weighted tuning fork designed to be used directly on the face and body.

The Sonic Slider is remarkable for its ability to produce noticeable changes quickly. Users report a wide range of benefits including improved muscle tone, support for weight loss, healthier and more radiant complexion, reduction in pain and tension, improved digestion, increased energy and refinement in their overall well-being.

The Circuit Boot adds a new dimension of effectiveness to the Sonic Slider.

The unique, patent-pending design of this boot delivers a focused circuit of sound waves by trapping the vibration between small divots on the boot and the surface of the skin.

The Circuit Boot attachment is an excellent aid for deeper engagement with digestive organs, fascia restriction, muscle tension, and bone stimulation.

Paired with the Sonic Slider, users have reported improved muscle tone, immediate pain relief, and accelerated recovery from exercise.

Tuning Forks & Handle Extender accessory contain aluminum. All metal accessories contain nickel

Manufactured in America

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