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The Pineal Gland

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Our pineal gland is 30% magnetite, a naturally occurring metal that is sensitive to magnetic fields. It is believed that birds and other migratory animals are navigating via their magnetic sense.

This ability to be attuned to our ambient magnetic environment, to feel where the flow of life is taking us, to be at liberty to follow our natural inclinations, is an ability that has been lost in many modern humans – and yet is key to being in a state of flow, and thereby health.

In this one hour Biofield Tuning Audio Session, I will be exploring the field and the physiology of the pineal gland and seeing what can be done to improve its form and function.

An attuned pineal gland is attentive to the music of the spheres and our consequent “steps in the cosmic dance”. Additionally, it improves our relationship with the Schumann resonance, the background pulse of earth’s ionic cavity that all of our other circadian rhythms use as a fundamental to base themselves off.

Get ready to open your mind!