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Releasing the Psoas Muscle (Hips / Low Back)

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3 one hour audio recordings to relax and release the low back/hips/psoas muscles

This series focuses on the psoas, a vital muscle that connects our top half to our bottom half. The psoas can hold a lot of unconscious tension resulting in a stiff or sore lower back and tight hip muscles. It also plays a key role in our sexuality. This series explores the different kinds of emotions, fears, experiences and beliefs that are keeping tension in this part of our bodies.

In these sessions, sound researcher Eileen McKusick uses the acoustic feedback from tuning forks to read and adjust the energetic template of the body. While it may sound implausible, many people have experienced relief from listening to these recordings. See testimonials below.

The series comes in a PDF with hyperlinks to where the files are stored online. You can listen from the online location or download the files as MP3s. Listen either through headphones or speakers. You get the best results from giving it your undivided attention.

 These sessions help to release physical, mental and emotional tension. As such, they can produce a detox response in the body. Please make sure you are well hydrated before, during and after listening. Salt baths after sessions are strongly recommended.

If you find this series helpful, you may want to check out our upcoming live and archived audio sessions.



I regularly listen to Eileen McKusick’s recorded healing with vibrational sound therapy for the Psoas muscle and I believe that it has helped me tremendously with general issues I have in my lower back and pelvis.   Susan Green

Eileen is amazing, I just discovered her last fall and have done a range of different series from her since. The psoas series led to so much freedom in the hips, pelvis, and low back! As a mountain biker and a skier this strong muscle has been chronically tight for years. This series was also one that my boyfriend agreed to do with me after having reoccurring sciatica flare ups this winter. We both had far less low back pain, and getting into pigeon pose, to release the outer hip came much easier after tackling the psoas. Thank you again!   Leah Ronnow

I have listened to the psoas series many times. I have scoliosis, which results in a lot of back pain, as well as pain, numbness, and tingling in my arms and legs. The first time I listened to this series, it seemed to greatly increase tension and pain in my hips and back (obviously the opposite effect of what I was going for). I decided that I just needed to keep listening until it helped me the way it seemed to help others. When I listened to the series again, there was pain through the first session, but when I listened to the second session, the pain and tension in my hips and back seemed to really increase until about halfway through, when suddenly all the tension left my body, all the pain was gone, and I was filled with pleasure, similar to an orgasm, but through my entire body. The pleasure lasted through the remainder of the recording. Since then, I listen to these recordings often. The back pain still always returns in between listens. And I know to listen again when the numbness and pain in my thighs worsens.  Usually, the pain and tension intensifies at first when listening to the recordings but I'm relaxed with little to no pain by the end. I still occasionally feel the pleasurable release, as well. It doesn't seem to matter which recording I listen to, each one seems to work on both sides of my hips as well as my back. The recordings seem to work like a massage and chiropractic visit in one. My back pops a bunch, lessening the numbness in my legs, similar to a chiropractic visit. And the muscles in my back (including my upper back where the pain is the worst) all relax as if I've had a long massage. D.H.

The Psoas sessions were fabulous!  I had no idea how tight and stiff I was until after completing each session.  As I finished a session, I felt loose and pliable, until the next session when that same feeling expanded even more!  I will say, this is such a powerful set of sessions, that I would recommend going easy afterwards until you get use to this new you.  I almost hurt myself because one side was so much more free than the other side.    Claire Giradot

Releasing the Psoas has been one of the most beneficial session series for me. I have suffered most of my life with tight muscles and painful results when I tried to exercise. Through the years, it became impossible to do even basic exercise, like walking on flat ground or flat treadmill, without the psoas muscles quickly 'grabbing' and pain immediately following. Soaking in Epsom salt baths became a regular ritual after any yard work, but those even stopped being effective enough to keep me moving. Chiropractic care was a must and even those adjustments didn't completely solve the problem. After a couple of weeks, the pain and stiffness returned and rising from a seated position would once again become a chore. Even after listening to the first session of the Releasing the Psoas series of group distance sessions, I began feeling results. As I advance to the second and third, I was able to rise easily from a chair and did not experience the stiffness in my hips as I took those first steps. I noticed I no longer reached to my lower back and my gait as I stepped was much better. Definitely - it has helped me in numerous ways! Grateful for your work and the ability to help ourselves thru your tunings from a distance! Also grateful for the ability to help others in this way.    Eileen Rainier, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

I bought both the Psoas and Solar Plexus series and they were both very helpful in balancing my body and helping to alleviate a VERY painful right knee.  Many airplane trips and dehydration and just the general stressors of traveling were literally having me limping around, double thinking my every move, and being exhausted by the pain.  No time to book my Chiropractor so I downloaded and listened to Solar Plexus and Psoas and felt a nice easing.    Dr. Sandra Bontemps 

The Releasing the Psoas replay is one of my favorite group sessions, I have listened to the replay more than once. This Biofield Tuning session brings a sense of spaciousness to an otherwise tight, tight, tight psoas muscle. It also introduced me to the idea that the psoas muscle could revived in terms of its elasticity and lubrication. I highly recommend this session.    Cherie Elpel

I suffered a pelvic wall injury on my left side many years ago that never really completely healed and as a consequence, I frequently feel tightness and discomfort in my hips and lower back. My daily yoga practice has helped to stretch and strengthen my psoas but this biofield tuning series opened the area to a new level.  In addition to releasing the “stuckness” in my pelvis and hips, I felt profound shifts in my diaphragm which allowed me to sleep on my stomach again, which I have been unable to do for years! I noticed increased flexibility in my psoas region that has helped me get deeper into my yoga poses. I go back and re-listen to the recordings whenever I feel tightness starting to creep back into my pelvic region and it really helps to “reset” everything back to baseline again. I highly recommend this series for everyone!!    Susan Richardson

After the first call-I went to do my downward dog and I couldn't believe how my right heel was close to the floor. Normally both heels are pretty far off the ground with tight calves and hamstrings. Now with a bit of work I can get that right heel to graze the ground-I'll be curious to see after the left side. Friday I had a manual therapy appointment for the usual work around my crazy tight neck-I couldn't believe how my body released and neither could the practitioner. I'm generally pretty good at releasing when I have bodywork-but this was a whole new level.    Britt Neilsen

My mom was suffering with that for weeks. The doctor used physical therapy and various pain killers with minimum effect. She used it once and was able to stand erect and walk more fluidly with a great reduction in pain. Unfortunately my mom tends to want to dismiss it as coincidence. Since she wasn’t going to continue to use I chose to use it for myself. I’ve noticed a connection between venturing into uncharted territory that makes me very uncertain of myself and trouble with my Psoas. The more I allow myself to resist change or moving forward with various ventures the more the pain increases. I try to remember to listen before it gets too bad but my head is kinda hard and sometimes I forget til the pain gets my undivided attention. While I have many of your sessions I rarely can stay conscious through any of them. I try but the most I can seem to do is fade in and out of consciousness. However, I go to sleep listening in pain and wake up completely pain free and feeling refreshed. Once in a while I’ll need to listen more than once to get full relief but not often. I’m so thankful I found you! I believe we are entering a new phase of greater enlightenment. Just like with all new things people tend to resist what they don’t understand. To my knowledge people still don’t truly understand electricity but not many would go without it. Congratulations to you on being part of the few to blaze that trail into a better future for all who care to follow. Thank you for all you do and have done! =)    Rose Blakely

Since the psoas group session was about a year ago, I have listened to it live as well and also repeated the first and third sessions because the right psoas - and probably the left -  is one of my trouble spots. Over a period of several years, I continue to work with several modalities, but I always come back to BT because I often feel immediate and lasting effects.  The Psoas series is no exception.  I purchased the group distance session and listened live because of long-term tightness in the front of the psoas and sacral issues in the back.  I've worked with stretching, chiropractic care, massage, Reiki, yoga and more.  All of these have helped, but this year the psoas is consistently relaxed.  Whether it is due to better balance between sitting and standing, more effective stretching, or other input, the psoas feels more flexible and I tend to stand up straighter.    Cici Dotson

The psoas muscle is located in one of the body's lymphatic watershed areas. Water is associated with emotions and flowing water is associated with moving things along a path Toxins of all sorts (physical, mental, emotional) pass through this muscle on their way down to be eliminated. In my own body this area holds a lot of old trauma and I have had lower back pain and difficulty breathing due to the build up of toxins.  Receiving Eileen's Biofield Tuning sessions for the psoas muscle has helped me greatly to move the toxins out of my body.  After a session, I feel less pain and a looseness in my body, not only physically but emotionally.  I have been able to feel the stuck emotions and thoughts and process them.  I can feel my energy ground to my feet and the flow come through from my head.  I am more centered and able to understand what it is that my soul wants me to adjust.  I highly recommend using Biofield Tuning to keep the energy flowing not only in times of crisis but as preventative care.  We take on so many emotions from the collective that even if you don't personally have an injury or trauma this technique will help just dealing with everyday life.    Sunny Hawk

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your Releasing the Psoas Muscle (hips/low back) has been for me. I've had a Psoas issue for years, especially on the left side which would cause my left leg to be shorter than the right. Walking around like this would then cause hip/low back pain. I've had a life long Chiropractor who has worked on this for over 40 years. The procedure he used was extremely painful and I would dread it, but it always fixed the problem. He has the nickname of Dr. Pain, because most of the techniques he used were quite painful, but worked. A couple of years ago he had to stop practicing due to illness and I was scared what I was going to do now. Then I discovered Eileen and Biofield Tuning. I was so excited to see she had a series on Releasing the Psoas Muscle and bought it right away. The results have been dramatic and immediate and absolutely no pain involved! In fact her sessions are very relaxing and enjoyable. I own a lot of her sessions and they all work! I've worked with a wide variety of healing modalities over the years, and feel that Eileen’s Biofield Tuning process is one of the very best and most effective I've ever encountered. I highly recommend Eileen McKusick and Biofield Tuning!    Cinde Lauderman

While I listened to the first psoas session working on the right side I felt my right femur rotate back into place.  The left side session I felt a lot of shifting and releasing in the soft tissue.    Cat Lukens

I went back and did the series again since it had been quite a while since the first time. I must say that every taped group session that you offer has been awesome and extremely helpful including this series. Interestingly enough I had a "vision" (for the first time during one of the sessions) or message of importance when I did the series a second time! I feel more "fluid" since the session! Bless you Eileen and for all you do!    J Martel

I found the sessions for the psoas very beneficial for these reasons: she does tunings giving attention to each, the left and right psoas and then to both so there are three tunings total. Also, I find that because the psoas is such an internal muscle it can be difficult to locate and identify, this series really helped me dial it in and give good attention to this amazing muscle. Lastly, because this muscle is so important and hard working it is crucial that we make sure it is healthy and able to do its job for us.     Mary McGillivray