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Relaxing & Releasing the Shoulders

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Go from freeze to flow with this Biofield Tuning session, which is like a portable, personal massage! Many of us carry tension in our shoulders, upper back, and neck. This tightens the diaphragm and our breath. We get used to this tension, and seldom realize how much it affects our whole body and biofield. Relax and release with this session designed to help soften your stuck spots, from the upper body down to the pelvic floor.

Let the sound and your breath go into tense areas and make space for more flow of oxygen, blood, and lymph, which supports greater mobility. When we free the shoulders, the heart benefits! It's through the back of the heart that we receive love. Liberating this area increases your ability and desire to receive and give love and boosts your creative expression.

You’ll reach for this powerful session again and again. Eileen suggests listening at least two days in a row for maximum integration as you de-pattern tension and rebalance energies. Plus, it just feels so good!

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