Relationship with Mother

Relationship with Mother

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Please note: The call audio drops for around 15 minutes shortly into the first session.  The session IS still happening, however, and the audio will come back on.  Please ground, breathe and stick with it. Because of this drop Eileen recorded a second bonus session, which is also included in this PDF. 

Our relationship with our mother is our most profound, formative relationship. Very few of us had the luxury of being raised by a present, loving, healthy and appropriate mother!

I have found that the wounds left by mothers, for whatever the reason, leave indelible and lasting scars that can be very difficult to heal. In fact, the unfortunate thing is that no one else can ever fill the void left by an energetically absent mother – ultimately, we need to accept and forgive if we really want to find wholeness in ourselves. 

In this call, we will explore the Mother zone in the Biofield Anatomy, which is the left side of the Solar Plexus. We will work deeply in the Ancestral River in this zone (flowing 10 inches off the left side of the body) and send attention and energy to our mom and her mom and beyond.

This can also be useful for people who are moms themselves – and obviously, everyone who has a mom, whether she was there growing up or not. Relationships with step-mothers are also part of the equation.