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Relationship with Father

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Our relationship with our father is primary and shapes us and our future relationships profoundly. When I first started to understand the biofield anatomy and the father zone in the field, I was kind of surprised to see just how many “issues” people had in this department.

In people’s fields, I found angry dads, drunk dads, physically and emotionally absent dads – and I saw how profoundly non-beneficial inputs from fathers and father figures can affect our systems. I also saw how good, present, loving dads created a kind of stability for folks.

In this call, we will explore the Father zone in the Biofield Anatomy, which is the right side of the Solar Plexus. We will work deeply in the Ancestral River in this zone (flowing 10 inches off the right side of the body) and send attention and energy to our own Dad and his dad and beyond.

This can also be useful for people who are dads themselves – and obviously, everyone who has a dad, whether he was there growing up or not. Relationships with step-fathers are also part of the equation.