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Mind Viruses & the Ancestral Rivers

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Many of the ills that we suffer from individually and collectively have been being passed down through the generations after centuries of trauma and dysfunction.

As a consequence of the collective damage done by this shared trauma, most humans are riddled with "mind viruses" - programs of information and energy that are wired into our experience of self but are ultimately "not self".

Biofield Tuning can reveal tonal and rhythmic patterns in the body and mind that are "signal jammers" that keep us disconnected from the essential harmony of nature and trap us in our own personal hells of inner noise and discord.

In this 2 hour class, Eileen gives a 30 minute tuning to clean the static from our ancestral rivers as well as begin the process of uncovering, identifying, and deleting mind viruses.

She also discusses the ancestral and parasitical programs that show up in our lives and what we can do on a day to day basis to start reprograming ourselves easily and effectively, so that our fields and minds become clearer and stronger.

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