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FREE VIDEO - Stress Reduction for Teens

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Join Eileen McKusick, the founder of Biofield Tuning, for a free 20 minute video broadcast, where she uses visualization to move from a stressed state to a more relaxed, grounded, coherent state.

"In my experience treating today’s teenagers, I have found it very difficult to treat them as an isolated individual, because the problem does not lie in them - it is the consequence of the culture in which they live.

I can tune anxiety and depression out of one individual, but then they go out and are among their peers, and also are part of the larger non-local morphic field of today’s teenagers, which also informs them.

For this reason, I offer this free tuning, not just for teens but for anyone who needs a quick attitude adjustment to move from a place of anxiety and discomfort into a more settled and spacious state of mind.

In this short journey, we will be bringing our electromagnetic bodies into tune with the coherent field of nature, which is always available for us to tap into."

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