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Deep Cleaning with the 144 Hz Unweighted Fork

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In this 40 minute session, Eileen McKusick uses the 144 Hz unweighted fork to column or focus each one of the half steps: calves, thighs, and between each major energy center, moving up the back and down the front.

This tuning is wildly different from Eileen's previous Half Steps audio session. Eileen unleashes her open 144 which moves through the half steps more quickly, providing a deeply powerful, integrated sonic cleansing.

Our half steps are like the areas of woods between more cultivated parts of our conscious mind. They are informed by cultural and ancestral patterns that we are often blind to, that disconnect us from our wildness and our true nature as free beings.

When we column each zone, we connect directly from our bodies to the present moment - making a clear path through the underbrush and the brambles and opening us up to all kinds of new possibilities and potentials in ourselves and the world around us.

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