Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses & Parasites

Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses & Parasites

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This 2 Part Series addresses unwelcome visitors in our microbiome, seeking to harmonize the terrain so that their energy is no longer supported. In Biofield Tuning, rather than seeking to wage war on unhealthy overgrowths, we seek to remove the harmonic dissonance in the system that is enabling their presence.

We will work with the emotional undercurrents and tonal imbalances that give rise to things like candida, SIBO, fungal infections, various parasites, and more (for example, I have observed that candida is almost always accompanied by the tone of depression). In doing so we will raise the coherence, balance and voltage of our overall systems.

As our inner world becomes more balanced and healthy, this becomes reflected in the outer circumstances of our lives. In order to assure that the process is thorough and complete, we will be conducting this over a 2 part series.