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An Electric Perspective on Women's Health and Menopause

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Join Eileen for a Salon focused on women’s health, particularly perimenopause / menopause. Women have been conditioned to view life and our bodies through a chemical and mechanical lens, especially surrounding menopause. Truthfully, looking at life through an electric, sonic lens is much more accurate and efficient way to greet transitions and treat what ails us.

During this enlivening Salon, Eileen shares knowledge from her 27 years of using sound to modulate the body's electrical system and the rhythm flow. Eileen will share how she applied her understanding of sound and electric health to her own journey through menopause and came out the other side rapidly and more balanced, healthier, more fit, and juicier than she was before menopause. Learn how this electrical perspective can help you write your own positive menopause story.

In this 2-hour class we will:

• Look at our bodies through an electrical lens

• Learn the electric solutions that you can employ to keep your whole system balanced, not just your hormones

• Discover the many things that we can do to support our electric health as we transition through different phases of life

• Rewrite your own story and enjoy the great gifts of transition

• Invite grace and elegance into your experience

• Receive a tuning from Eileen, intended to help to balance, settle, and integrate any hotspots or resistant areas that can flare up and make us feel like we are going out of whack

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