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3 Remote Biofield Tuning Sessions (60 Minutes Each)

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This package of 3 Remote Biofield Tuning sessions is perfect for someone who wants to experience Biofield Tuning but is not close enough to a certified practitioner to meet face-to-face. Instead you can experience Biofield Tuning from wherever you are with the assistance of a telephone or another audio device (like your laptop). A certified practitioner in our Burlington Vermont Biofield Tuning Clinic will conduct your personal sessions remotely, allowing you to experience the profound effects of our sound therapy method.


This package of three REMOTE 60-minute Biofield Tuning Sessions is good for one year from date of purchase. You understand this session will be conducted via audio over the phone or computer.  Eileen McKusick is not available for these sessions, instead they will be conducted by your choice of one of our certified practitioners who practices in our Burlington, Vermont office. We recommend waiting at least one week in between Biofield Tuning sessions.

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