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VIDEO - Electric Health Bundle

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If you are new to Biofield Tuning, the work of Eileen McKusick and the concept of Electric Health, this 4 video bundle is a great introduction.

Eileen combines education, coaching and virtual Biofield Tuning in these hour long learning and tuning sessions.  (Audio version and PDF transcript of each session included.)

This bundle includes the following sessions:

Honing Intention -  Strengthen the sense of unity and especially the focus of your biofield.

Releasing Resistance - Release deep habitual patterns that stop us from accessing our full electric potential,  gain practices that maintain healthy flow. a

Opening up to Electric Connection - Plug into the universal current of energy that is flowing through us and around us all the time. Learn ways to return to this infinite abundance of energy and connection whenever we drift into habitual feelings of disempowerment and separation.

Toning & Tightening the Electric Body - Strengthen your central channel and the outer boundary of your field by introducing sound, intention and awareness to the mechanics of these structures. Lighten and brighten your inner experience of your electrical body.


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