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The Ultimate Gift

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This lovingly packed bundle is sure to delight the healer or tuning enthusiast on your list. This beautiful, beneficial set makes a lasting and thoughtful gift.

The Ultimate Gift includes:

Handcrafted Roll Up

Each roll-up holds six tuning forks and includes specialty pockets for your accessories.

*Due to the high quality of the leather used, each roll-up will have slight variations in color and texture.  Some of the roll-ups have internal numerical stamps of authenticity from the tannery. These stamps represent the high quality of leather that the roll-ups are made of. This is viewed as a "beauty mark" enhancing the handmade nature of the piece, rather than a flaw.    

* To preserve the longevity of this item, we recommend periodically treating the leather with a leather cleaner/conditioner. 

The 174 Hz Unweighted Fork

An an ideal fork for the technique of “field combing” because of its ability to provide useful feedback with the wide range of overtones it emits.

The 528 Hz Unweighted Fork

This fork has a bright and uplifting quality which is best used for polishing and refining.

The 417 Hz Unweighted Fork

Much appreciated for its nuance and recognized for its grounding and opening properties.

The Schumann Pair Weighted Tuning Forks

These forks resonate with the electromagnetic pulse of the earth and support alignment of our own electrical resonance.

The Sonic Slider Weighted Fork

Harness the power of therapeutic sound to help you look and feel younger and healthier with Eileen’s McKusick’s superior, original Sonic Slider.

Hockey Puck Activator

Acrylic Pendulum

Your purchase includes a PDF instructional booklet with links to demonstration videos. This PDF is immediately available in your digital library for download upon purchase.

Made with premium aluminum alloy

Manufactured in America

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