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VIRTUAL LEVEL 1 | Foundations Training


In this beginner's sound healing training, you will learn tuning fork theory and receive hours of hands-on practice, while enjoying a vibrant community of classmates and our knowledgable instructors.  

Choose between a more relaxed pace Standard class or a more intensive pace Accelerated class depending on your learning style.

With the successful completion of our Level 1 Foundations Training, you will master the skills required to practice tuning on yourself, family, and friends in a non-professional capacity.

Advance to our Level 2 Practitioner Training if you would like to receive your sound healing certification in Biofield Tuning.

If your preferred class is sold out, please contact us to be added to the waitlist.

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Tuning fork sound healing class for beginners. Learn how to reduce stress and pain using healing frequencies
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LEVEL 1 Accelerated Training | August 9-25, 2024

LEVEL 1 Accelerated Training | August 9-25, 2024

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Beginners learn to use tuning fork healing frequencies to reduce stress in an accelerated class format. Pre-req to Level 2 sound healing certification.