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Using the Fibonacci and Schumann Weighted Forks

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A follow-along video from Eileen exploring and explaining the Schumann weighted pair and the Fibonacci weighted pair.

Join Eileen for a deep dive into the difference between the two sets of tuning forks and how you can use them on yourself and others. Discover the origins and the significance of the frequencies of these powerful tools.

Eileen also explains the best uses for the contour boot and circuit boot when coupled with these amazing weighted forks. Learn when to use the different pairs, and how to use them on and around your body.

Suitable for those curious about the forks as well as those who already have them, this video will help you choose or get more out of your tools and your daily practice. Get informed and inspired as you tune along with Eileen!

• Discover the inspirations behind Eileen’s invention of each fork and each pair

• Use your tools on yourself and hear about how to use them on others

• Get the most out of your amazing tools as you learn about them from their creator"

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