The Tongue

The Tongue

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In this one hour Biofield Tuning Group Distance Session I will work in the region of the biofield that holds information related to our tongue.  I have done work on the tongue once before, in the Food, Your Body and Your Biofield series, and I was amazed at just how much information it contains!  Since this session comes on the heels of the stomach session, one of the things we will be working on is improving tongue/stomach communication and how we can bring the two into greater alignment.  

Think of all the times you have bitten your tongue (literally and figuratively), or burned your tongue; all the times you have wished you had held your tongue; all the times you have had to eat something terrible out of politeness or lack of anything else. Our tongues have suffered more than we realize!

We will also explore the creative power of the tongue (one of my favorite books is called "The Tongue: A Creative Force") and think about what it means to "speak words filled with power".