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Speak Your Truth - December 18th

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Tuesday November 27th - 8 pm ET

All live calls are recorded and a link to the recording is sent out immediately following the session to everyone who purchased the live call.  Upon purchasing this product you will receive a PDF, in a second email, which contains the connect information for the live call - and afterwards to the MP3 file stored online. 

One of the most profound lessons for me in all my years of Biofield Tuning has been seeing how many people don’t speak their truth. We do this in all kinds of ways – we stuff and repress our upset until we blow, we tell little white lies, we say what others want to hear and not what we really feel, or we just don’t say anything at all and just harbor resentment until it makes us sick in some way.

It is by our word that we create our life. If we are not speaking our truth, we are living a life out of alignment with the truth of who we are. The first and most important step in creating the life that we were made to live is being honest and forthright about who we are and where we are at and how we feel – while at the same time being kind.

Learning to speak your truth with successful diplomacy is a skill that is worthwhile to learn. When we are able to handle discomforts on the spot, we stop them from turning big and ugly. “Confrontation” isn’t necessary when we speak without charge, when we come from a position of respect and kindness.

In this session we will work both sides of the throat chakra and also a little bit on our heart and we will work to bring all of these components into alignment so that we can  more easily commit to speaking and living our truth.