Overcoming Victimhood/Anchoring in your Core

Overcoming Victimhood/Anchoring in your Core

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 When I conceived this session, it was after becoming aware of the zig zag energy pattern that many people subconsciously resonate with that leads to feelings of powerlessness, frustration, hurt and anger.

I thought I would work as I usually do with combing energy from floating in an unbalanced way off to the side of the body into the center, but when I approached the table to work, I decided to do something different.

In this session, I column (draw from the body/hologram on the treatment table straight up the ceiling) each energy center with a 417 Hz fork, starting at the back of the feet, working my way up the back and then down the  front.

I address the "sticky", dissonant patterns that arise in each zone, and encourage awareness of being worthy and able to receive resources that support different and more effective action moving forward.

The outcome is a greater sense of anchoring in the core or central channel of the body, rather than resonating with the habitual imbalanced inner zig zag.

I put myself in every session I conduct, and I will note that this was a very powerful and useful session that I have observed the positive effects of numerous times since conducting it.