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Improving Mitochondrial Functioning

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In this series of two 30-minute sessions, Eileen tunes into the signal of the mitochondria within the cells of the body and identifies distortions and dysfunctions in their operational state.

The intention of this tuning is to provide a sonic cleansing and balancing that attunes the mitochondrial system to itself and the rest of the body, strengthening resilience against man-made electromagnetic signals and improving the overall strength and functioning of the mitochondria as a whole.

If you have been experiencing lower energy levels this is a session to try. The segments can be listened to consecutively or split up, both sessions are included with purchase.

From Eileen: “The first thing I noticed when conducting this session was stress on the mitochondrial membrane caused by man-made EMF. This constant strain transformed the fluid and motile nature of the membrane into something more like a brillo pad or steel wool.

As I felt into this film, I identified it as heavy metals and mold. This session acted like a sonic cleaning and broke up these deposits, shaking them out.”

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