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Heart Synchronization

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In this one hour recorded Biofield Tuning audio session, Eileen tunes all four chambers of the physical heart, then synchronizes them to each other and the circulatory system as a whole. The outcome is a heart that feels more open, expanded, in right rhythm with itself, and with the rest of the body, especially the sacral and throat centers.

The heart is the driving rhythm of the body, the call of the "call and response". When the signal of the heart changes, which it does rather dramatically through this session, the response signal of the entire body also needs to shift. All of the patterns and structures related to the old heart signal need to be scrubbed by the body and rebuilt completely.

While everyone experiences sessions differently, and you may not have any detox at all, Eileen notes that this one may take some downtime afterwards. Please ensure you plan in recovery time. The upside of all of this is - you may have "turbocharged" energy and a deeper sense of your heart afterward!

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