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Healing Hate

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A note about hate, from Eileen herself:

"After having my hands and forks in thousands of fields, I have found that there are two emotions that people do not like to confess that they feel, and these are shame and hate. Let me first say that I see hate is a VALID emotion, not a NEGATIVE emotion. When we take a good look at it and listen to it, then it is free to move on. But if we deny it, there it stays.'

Hate sits on top of the physical heart, arresting its natural functioning. Unaddressed Hate strangles and distorts the flow of love. When we deny hate, we block the flow and function of our hearts.

Many of us have self-hatred that we don’t even know we have. Or we may consider ourselves spiritual or kind , and so we gloss over our awareness of whatever it is we may be hating on.

In this one-hour Biofield Tuning Audio session we explore the emotion of hate and how we can gently release it, individually and collectively.

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