Guilt, Shame & Judgement - May 2nd

Guilt, Shame & Judgement - May 2nd

  • $20.00

Thursday May 2nd - 8 pm EST

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Shame and guilt can be some of the most uncomfortable and disabling emotions that we feel. As a consequence, we often seek to repress them - with an overactive mental body, with blame, self-righteousness, food, etc.

In this one hour session, we will work in the zone in the Biofield Anatomy where these emotions can accumulate. We will look at the cultural stories and beliefs that allow mind viruses to proliferate and hijack our ability to be present, loving and kind - with ourselves and others. Warning: in my experience you have to be willing to dive deep into your shame in order to really heal it and release its accumulation in your system. It’s not comfortable at all - but it feels great on the other side!