Guilt, Shame & Judgement

Guilt, Shame & Judgement

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The emotions of guilt, shame and judgement, and the construct of what I call the "inner critic" reside on the right side of the Sacral center in the Biofield Anatomy map.

These uncomfortable emotions can really get in the way of us enjoying our bodies, our lives, our partners, our food, and more! When we are free to enjoy these things, we get to experience contentment and gratitude. We become more free to be the creative beings that we are.

In this one hour session, we will explore and transmute the heavy, unbalanced non-beneficial patternings in the biofield that give rise to feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness, and bring the energy that has been stuck in these patterns back to center and circulation.

We'll talk about how to replace in the inner critic with the "inner coach" and I will share a realization I have had about the sniping voices many people experience in their heads, and how to solve that problem.

We'll work on really getting our awareness centered and balanced in the sacral center- our bellies - which is a place many people have energetically disassociated from. 

Resting contentedly with a relaxed and happy pelvic/belly region and breathing freely into this center helps liberate us into this moment, into a greater sense of AH!