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From Trauma to Embodiment Part 3

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The trauma series concludes with a final class, From Trauma To Embodiment Part 3: Unlocking your Potential.

Learn the many benefits of harvesting the rewarding fruits of restoration throughout this third empowering class. This is a class for everyone. You don’t need to have moved past trauma in order to unlock your inner potential and learn to manifest harmony within your body and mind to take back control of your life.

When your system is regulated, healing trauma switches over to accessing your potential and becoming more grounded and clearly connected - to source, to others, and to yourself! The consequence of this is a reconnecting to our child-like radiance. It allows us to be free to play again, without engaging in habitual contraction, and expand into the fullness of our being.

In addition to class instruction and demonstration, Eileen performs a group tuning centered on being focused, grounded, flowing, and in a state of lasting "with-it-ness".

*A note about the series: Part 1 and 2 are not required but are suggested.

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