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FREE | "Viruses"- Acute and Long Haul

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This free offer contains two Biofield Tuning audio sessions, hosted by Eileen McKusick, to support the body in overcoming the internal chaos and energy drain we feel while suffering from what we call viruses (lyme, lupus, epstein-barr, mono, etc). One recording is 60 minutes and the other is about 16 minutes. 

They may be useful to ease both acute and longer term symptoms and can be listened to multiple times, played in the background or at bedtime, as well as listened to attentively through headphones. The shorter one was created to be a "Sonic Vitamin", to be taken like one might take a supplement, maybe a few times a day if desired. 
The word virus is in quotes in the title because in Eileen's work, she identifies things by the sound they make, not by how they look under a microscope. What we call viruses, Eileen hears as a "fuzzy" tone, a pocket of chaos, an experience in the body of too much entropy and not enough syntropy, of a lack of alignment and order that the body doesn't have the gumption to get on top of - sort of like when you are sick and tired and the dishes and laundry are piling up. 
Once our shields go down in this heavily polluted environment, it can be very difficult to get them back up - this is where long-haul symptoms come in. What the body needs is a dose of COHERENCE, SYNTROPY and VOLTAGE in order to boost it to a higher energy level. That is what these recordings aim to do. As such they can also be used to help keep you in order.
Please share freely and widely with any friends or family members who you think may benefit! 

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Audio Sessions are also available for download.

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