Fear & Anxiety - March 26th

Fear & Anxiety - March 26th

  • $20.00

Tuesday March 26th - 8 pm EST

All live calls are recorded and a link to the recording is sent out immediately following the session to everyone who purchased the live call.  Upon purchasing this product you will receive a PDF, in a second email, which contains the connect information for the live call - and afterwards to the MP3 file stored online. 

In this single, 1 hour session, we will work with our inner water, bringing it to stillness and creating a touchstone of inner calm that you will be able to return to as needed. Equilibrium, equanimity, gratitude, and even joy are possible to experience consistently, even in this crazy world!

There are many reasonable things to be fearful and anxious about, however, fear sucks a lot of juice out of our system and tends to be an attractor of circumstance rather than a repellent. Only a calm lake can reflect the moon.