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Discover Your Electric Body

Discover Your Electric Body

  • $297.00

This 7 part video series was created previously in partnership with the Shift Network and is available for purchase through their website.

Discover Your Electric Body combines: education about the Biofield Anatomy; seven, hour-long Biofield Tuning session conducted by Eileen on you, the viewer; along with lifestyle coaching from an electric perspective to help you take your health, performance and well being to the next level. 

The recorded video series includes a PDF transcript of each session, along with downloadable audio files and free gifts! Participants reported dramatic shifts in their lives and health; increased strength, clarity, energy levels, improved sleep, digestion, and relationships, reduction in pain and more. 

Please Note - this is not a tuning fork training and does not count towards certification in Biofield Tuning. However, you will learn and experience a lot from watching Eileen conduct these powerful and transformational sessions! 

*Keep in mind that this content is offered through the Shift Network and will be stored through their platform.  All purchases for the program will be made through the Shift Network and will not be stored in your Biofield Tuning Customer Account Library. If you need any IT support for program or have any additional questions around your purchase, please contact 


Customer Testimonials: 

"This has been the most transformative class I have ever taken -- and I've taken a lot of classes here and elsewhere." 

"I had an amazing experience with this healing method. I love it, and I love how Eileen synthesizes the science and spirituality behind why it works. I felt many changes occur both physically and emotionally...!"

"I feel calmer and more compassionate, more aware and present. I am excited about I have uncovered so far and I look forward to continue on the journey getting closer to my higher self."

"I've had a pain/ discomfort in my left hip for as long as I can remember and it is completely gone. Yay!!"

"I became more centered and grounded through the experience of this course. I also continue to have improved breathing. I am now able to see the experiences of having difficulty breathing as useful information about anxiety and guidance towards relaxing my diaphragm and allowing the air to go into my lower abdomen. When faced with a situation that formerly would have frightened me terribly, I was able to recenter myself and carry on and not get nearly as shaken."