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Discover Your Electric Body

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This 7 part video series was created previously in partnership with the Shift Network and is available for purchase through their website.

Discover Your Electric Body combines: education about the Biofield Anatomy; seven, hour-long Biofield Tuning session conducted by Eileen on you, the viewer; along with lifestyle coaching from an electric perspective to help you take your health, performance and well being to the next level. 

The recorded video series includes a PDF transcript of each session, along with downloadable audio files and free gifts! Participants reported dramatic shifts in their lives and health; increased strength, clarity, energy levels, improved sleep, digestion, and relationships, reduction in pain and more. 

Please Note - this is not a tuning fork training and does not count towards certification in Biofield Tuning. However, you will learn and experience a lot from watching Eileen conduct these powerful and transformational sessions! 

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