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Digesting Guilt and Shame

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Liberate your field of stuck guilt and shame. Release and renew.

Join Eileen for this freeing workshop, which begins with a brief discussion of guilt, shame, and the differences between them. From there, we spend time identifying the zones where guilt and shame typically present in the Biofield Anatomy, in particular the right shoulder and the right hip. We examine the original sin story and it's subconscious impact. Also, we examine the key roles of projection, blame, self-righteousness, and gaslighting as related to guilt and shame.

Eileen discusses the critical relationship between tension, resistance, and stagnant emotional energy of guilt and shame, helping us discover how to digest and release stuck emotions.

Ultimately, we celebrate the benefits of restoring balance: juiciness, creativity, pleasure, enhanced flow, and so much more!

This workshop includes a 30 minute group Biofield Tuning from Eileen and ends with a Q & A. Take this opportunity to look at life and well-being through a refreshing new lens, one that offers an empowering landscape where maintaining good emotional balance becomes lighter and easier.

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