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Deep Cleaning the Spleen / Pancreas

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This is a single one-hour session focusing on the the physical and energetic cleansing of the spleen and pancreas.

Physically, the spleen plays an important role in our immunity, while the pancreas plays a role in both digestion and our blood sugar regulation.

Energetically, they relate to our ability to be nourished, to nourish and care for ourselves properly and to our aptitude for experiencing the sweetness of life.

Just as the liver relates to the father, the spleen and pancreas relate to the mother. Having a difficult childhood or a poor relationship with our mother can compromise the energetic integrity of this area and we then are often unwittingly pulled into situations where we feel powerless and frustrated. Centering and strengthening this area can help us to feel more empowered and less like a victim, as well as improve digestive function.

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