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Deep Cleaning the Small Intestine

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In this single one-hour session we deeply explore the anatomy, physiology & energy of this important organ. A big part of the training in Biofield Tuning is to “radiate” from our center, our own central sun. This session will help to strengthen this radiance and our overall digestive fire.

Have you ever noticed that the small intestine looks a lot like the brain? Between 80-90% of our serotonin (the feel good hormone) is produced in our small intestines, yet people still look to the brain as the source of our moods. We tend to “know” from our guts, but people still get caught up in the brain/thinking or heart/feeling equations without considering the gut/knowing piece. Our aim in this session is to improve our connection to this “second brain,” improve our knowing and increase our well-being, as well as improving the overall permeability and digestive functioning.