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The Creativity Series: Total Collection

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Have you been neglecting your writing, painting, business ideas, or any of the juicy, creative things that really makes you happy? This inspiring series sparks your focus and your follow through.

Time and time again in Biofield Tuning we have seen how getting stuck energy back into circulation liberates us and helps us to regain the focus needed to get in gear. This synergistic group of 9 tunings address both the conscious and the subconscious mind, clearing and making space for creative flow. This series centers on finding and digesting the blockages that stop us from being able to start, continue, and finish projects.

This is a three-part series. Each section contains three (3) one-hour sessions.

Part 1: Cultivating Creativity is targeted toward gathering our energies together in a centered way and collectively ramping up our creative juices!

Part 2: Empowering Creativity focuses on supercharging our energy and channeling it creatively!

Part 3: In the Engaging Creativity Session, we set our discovered energy into motion.

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