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As your virtual training advances, you will be required to demonstrate the techniques and skills you learn to your classmates and instructors in three Practicum (practice) sessions. 

(You will be assigned your three Practicum time slots after you enroll and receive your class login information).  

Below are requirements you should start looking into as soon as possible as they are crucial to you successfully completing your training:


  • You must find a volunteer(s) who can be present for each of your Practicum sessions.  
  • Your volunteer(s) must be healthy and without injury. (Ensure both you and your volunteer(s) review the Biofield Tuning Cautions & Guidance to make sure they are a good fit).
  • Have a backup volunteer. This is a crucial part of your training. We highly recommend having alternative volunteers or arrangements in place in the event that your primary volunteer is unable to participate.


Your practice room will need to be quiet, private, spacious and very well lit. 

You will require:

  • A fast internet connection (Click here to review our technology requirements)
  • A massage table or bed with 5-6ft of space on one side and 2-3 ft at ends
  • A bolster and/or pillow(s)
  • Furniture sliders to help move table/bed if needed
  • A chair
  • A visible clock
  • A small, movable table for your tools
  • A mobile laptop desk, rolling office chair, or small stool

(You will receive more detailed information for Practicum preparation after you enroll and receive your class login information).  

If you have questions, please contact us via the contact form link in the footer of this webpage.