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In this advanced sound therapy training, you’ll learn six new techniques to expand your existing Biofield Tuning practice, including:

HALO ACTIVATIONS | Activating a series of points along the head to active the pineal gland and better connect our perception of the world around us.

SUNDIAL | Working around the body like the hands of a clock, moving energy back into the front and back of the solar plexus.

FIBONACCI BODY BALANCING | Stimulating points on the body to get the hemispheres and top and bottom of our body to become better aligned to our geometric template.

PROJECT TUNING | Approaching a project, such as buying or selling a house, starting or growing a business, or a piece of writing, to move it forward and flow.

HALF STEPS | Working in the zones between the zones we already work in, such as the shins and thighs.

FIGURE EIGHTS | Stimulating the figure 8 flows that move around and through the body.