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In Level 2 of our sound therapy certification program, you'll delve into an expansive understanding of this modality and acquire new techniques including:

TUNING FORKS ON THE BODY | Learn how to apply vibrational therapy directly to the body using techniques like Spine Walk, Spine Slide, Sacral Stabilization, and Sonic Meridian Flush

ADRENAL RESET & TUNING BODY SYSTEMS | Learn how to use tuning forks for healing the physiology of the body

SCAR TREATMENT | Learn how tuning fork therapy can be used on the facia of the body, specifically on scars

SEATED CHAIR SESSIONS | Learn how to conduct a Biofield Tuning session from anywhere! All you need is a chair and your tools. Perfect for demos, events & casual settings.

ETHICS | Gain valuable insights into the evolving ethics of sound therapy and energy medicine

GROWING A BUSINESS | Acquire best practices and strategies to establish and grow a successful career in Biofield Tuning!