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In this introductory tuning fork sound healing training, participants will explore:

BIOFIELD TUNING THEORY | Uncover the intricate connection between sound, the electric universe and the body's electromagnetic field. Discover how the healing frequencies produced by tunings forks can calm the nervous system and regulate the body's stress response.

ENHANCE YOUR INTUITION | Develop the skill of listening deeply, honing in on the various pathways of perceiving information through the language of vibrational therapy.

BIOFIELD ANATOMY | Learn to navigate the human biofield's unique anatomy map, a guide that encompasses commonly found patterns in tuning fork therapy, specific to Biofield Tuning.

TURN TENSION INTO RELIEF |Learn techniques to identify distortions in the electromagnetic field (Biofield) using tuning forks

CONDUCT A SESSION | Apply your knowledge in live practice sessions under the guidance of Biofield Tuning instructors.