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VIDEO - Honing Intention

VIDEO - Honing Intention

  • $35.00

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Use your understanding of your electric body to harness and focus your intention.

Focused intention is the key to successful manifestation, and one of the reasons why some people struggle with getting to where they want to go is due to fragmentation in the subconscious mind that creates static and misalignment of their energy body - and the feeling like you aren’t completely on board your own ship.

In this one hour video class/Biofield Tuning session, Eileen will work to strengthen the sense of unity and especially the focus of your biofield, as well as explain the tips and techniques that she has used to successfully complete many projects, grow businesses, and improve health, well-being and relationships.

 Comments from participants:

"I am plowing through tasks! Stacks that have been sitting on my desk for months are getting sorted, recycled, organized, and DONE. Wow! And I'm actually able to focus on these things and put other, more appealing tasks off to the future. I can feel my intention prioritizing in a really healthy way. Yesterday I took a pause in my projects and took a walk -which is also something I'd been telling myself to do for months, and not doing. Feels amazing! Now that's a change!"

"I totally reorganized my pantry which I have been putting off for months it was so easy to do. Focus and creativity were really sharp!"