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Autoimmune Disorders & Pituitary Gland

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From a Biofield Tuning perspective, Autoimmunity issues are often the sign of a personality divided within itself, some aspect of self judging and criticizing another aspect of self. We have seen how people with strong inner perfectionism tend to create these conditions in themselves.

The answer is, as with everything, self love, self peace, self acceptance & self harmony. The outer division we see in the world is a reflection of our own inner division. We have been divided and conquered within and without. The solution is discovering and achieving inner unity.

In this session we will explore the roadblocks and programs between us and our own inner unity, and seek to turn those into stepping stones towards greater wholeness, health and empowerment.

We recommend this session for everyone, even those who are not currently experiencing Autoimmune Disorders. The focus of this session ended up being on the pituitary gland, and the role that plays in our health and well being. This is one of Eileen's favorite sessions.

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